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The Adventures Of Tintin
The Adventures Of Tintin

The Adventures Of Tintin

2011 Children 102 minutes 11 years
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This year, discover how far adventure will take you.

Intrepid young reporter Tintin and his loyal dog Snowy are thrust into a world of high adventure when they discover a ship carrying an explosive secret. As Tintin is drawn into a centuries-old mystery, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine suspects him of stealing a priceless treasure. Tintin and Snowy, with the help of salty, cantankerous Captain Haddock, and bumbling detectives Thompson & Thomson, travel half the world, one step ahead of their enemies as Tintin endeavors to find The Unicorn, a sunken ship that may hold a vast fortune, but also an ancient curse.

Original title The Adventures Of Tintin
Year 2011
Audio tracks Dansk English Norsk (Bokmål) Suomi Svenska i
Genre Adventure Action Children Family
Runtime 102 minutes
Recommended age 11
Available on PC, Mac, Samsung SmartTV (2013-), iPad, iPhone, Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV
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Resolution 1080p/Full HD

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