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Morden i Sandhamn: I sanningens namn
Morden i Sandhamn: I sanningens namn

Morden i Sandhamn: I sanningens namn

2018 Thriller 86 minutes 11 years

It is finally time for this year's sailing camp in Knarrholmen, and the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. But not everyone is happy. Benjamin feels isolated and several of the older boys make him their whipping boy straight away, without the leaders noticing anything. The bullying gets worse every day, and meanwhile someone is lurking in the shadows, watching every step the children take. Several of the boats in Sandhamn's harbor have had their petrol stolen, siphoned off at night. Thomas takes the night surveillance job, to try to get more time with his family...

Original title Morden i Sandhamn: I Sanningens Namn
Year 2018
Sound tracks Svenska
Subtitles DanskNorsk (Bokmål)SuomiSvenska
Genre Swedish Thriller Drama
Runtime 86 minutes
Recommended age 11
Available on PC, Mac, Samsung SmartTV (2013-), iPad, iPhone, Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV
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Resolution 1080p/Full HD

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Morden i Sandhamn: I sanningens namn

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Morden i Sandhamn: I sanningens namn

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