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Nothing But the Wind
Nothing But the Wind

Nothing But the Wind

2017 Drama 83 minutes 7 years

What is the true phrase? Heart is where the home is? Home is where the heart is? Bajo (37) is Bosnian-born Swede. After 18 years he has to visit his hometown. Against his will, Sarajevo is changing him. But that does not make him less Swedish or more Bosnian, just more himself. Or simply, home is where you are.

Original title Ništa, samo vjetar
Year 2017
Audio tracks Bosanski i
Subtitles English
Genre Drama
Runtime 83 minutes
Recommended age 7
Available on PC, Mac, Samsung SmartTV (2013-), iPad, iPhone, Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV
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Resolution 1080p/Full HD

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Nothing But the Wind

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Nothing But the Wind

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