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Ville och Vilda Kanin
Ville och Vilda Kanin

Ville och Vilda Kanin

2006 Lastenelokuvat 29 minuuttia 0 vuosi
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A wild story about a time rabbit! Rabbit Willy lives on a farm. ‘My cage’ and ‘my carrot’ are central in Willy’s world. Through the bars of his cage he can exchange a few words with the cat, the dog and the hens. But secretly he dreams of the Wild Woods. When he by chance ends up in the Wild Woods his world is changed dramatically. He meets the wild rabbit Wilda that does not care about ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. What sort of rabbit is she really? Why is she always helping all the animals of the woods? After a dramatic encounter with an eagle Wilda needs to rest, and Willy has to help Wilda and all the other animals that come to Wildas burrow for help. It is hard work!

Vuosi 2006
Soundtrackit English Svenska i
Tyylilaji Ruotsalaiset Lastenelokuvat Perhe-Elokuvat Animated (Cartoons)
Kesto 29 minuuttia
Suositeltu ikäraja 0
Saatavilla PC, Mac, Samsung SmartTV (2013-), iPad, iPhone, Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV
Vuokraa Aloita toisto 48 tunnin kuluessa
Resoluutio 1080p/Full HD

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