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The Edge
The Edge

The Edge

1997 Thriller 117 minutter 15 år
Leie - Kommer
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They were fighting over a woman when the plane went down. Now, their only chance for survival is each other.

When millionaire Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) joins his supermodel wife Mickey (Elle MacPherson) for a photo-shoot in Alaska, he does not expect to be plunged into a dangerous battle for survival. Charles accompanies fashion photographer Robert Green (Alec Baldwin) when he flies out to an uncharted lake, scouting for a suitable location. The plane crashes, and Charles finds himself fighting for his life when it transpires that Robert wants him dead in order to have Mickey for himself. Matters are complicated by the fact that both men have to avoid a man-eating bear which is on the loose in the snowy wastes.

Original tittel The Edge
År 1997
Lydspor English i
Undertekster DanskNorsk (Bokmål)SuomiSvenska
Sjanger Thriller Eventyr Action Drama
Varighet 117 minutter
Anbefalt alder 15
Tilgjengelig på PC, Mac, Samsung SmartTV (2013-), iPad, iPhone, Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV
Oppløsning 1080p/Full HD

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