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Shock N Awe Series Ep 7
Shock N Awe Series Ep 7

Shock N Awe Series Ep 7

2013 Sport 26 minuter
Hyr - Kommande
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From humble beginnings Shock n Awe have grown into one of the UK’s leading Mixed Martial Arts brands, with a reputation for having high value production, outstanding match making, high caliber fighters and explosive action, Shock n Awe is all about giving the fans the best and most exciting fights around! MMA is the world’s fastest growing sport and with the quality of these fights it’s easy to see why, watch as fighters go toe to toe to prove who is the toughest in the cage using skills ranging from Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate and many other combat sports this really is THE most extreme fighting sport around

År 2013
Ljudspår English i
Genre Action Sport
Speltid 26 minuter
Tillgänglig på PC, Mac, Samsung SmartTV (2013-), iPad, iPhone, Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV
Upplösning 1080p/Full HD

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Shock N Awe Series Ep 7

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Shock N Awe Series Ep 7

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